Girlfriends are forever!

Girlfriend trips are the best. Women need time with other women. Men don’t seem to understand why. After spending an amazing weekend at Terranea Resort with some of the most incredible women I want to document why this time is so important.

1. Rest and relaxation

Women work harder than men. That’s just a fact. Men love to believe they put in as many hours a day. I’ve done the math and it’s just not true. Taking time to unwind with girlfriends allows us to continue to perform like an energizer bunny!

2. Laughter is the best medicine

Sharing dating stories, kid stories, mom fail moments with like minded women make us all feel better about life. No one is perfect and laughing about my downfalls always makes me feel better.

3. Sex

Sharing sex tips after a few cocktails always turns into sex mishap stories. This trip I learned about “TENGA EGGS“. I cannot wait to surprise my husband with an “egg” on his next business trip. I can’t even explain what they are but with one click on amazon I will find out soon enough!

4. Health

We discuss our must have items. We let each other try some of them out and helped each other learn about new products out there to keep us feeling our best. Here are the items I shared and what I am adding to my daily routine!

Flex, turmeric for inflammation must be taken with pepper and a fat, shopping online at LuLu’s, and my go to natural deodorant Native.

I am adding collagen to my smoothies every morning, I learned charcoal is good for gas not just preventing hangovers and I discovered the most comfortable flattering leggings of all time. I now wear my GIRLFRIEND leggings every single day!

I cannot wait to go on another girls weekend, until then I will pack up the kids, husband and dogs.

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