Natural remedy for sore muscles

Several years ago I attended a conference for continuing education units for my license. “The Pharmacy In Your Kitchen” was a great day of information. At that time I was pregnant or nursing and didn’t want to try anything new with my eating/lifestyle. Yesterday I attended my favorite weight training class, BODYPUMP by Les Miller at InShape and pushed it harder than I have in months. A few hours later I could already feel the tension in my muscles and I recalled that conference and all the natural options I had available to me. I’ve heard lots about tumeric lately. What a lot of people don’t know is  the best way to consume it so your body can get the maximum absorption.  Tumeric milk not only helps your sore muscles it also reduces inflammation. Remember you want to consume it with pepper and a fat

Tumeric Milk

unflavored kefir/whole milk
1/2 tsp tumeric
pinch of black pepper

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