Anyone else use the term “vegetating”? I used it the other day while describing what I wished I could do all day and my husband of 5.5 years looked at me with a puzzled look. I  defined it and he was in disbelief that it was truly a word. I whipped out my phone and taaa-daaa. I swear I teach him something new everyday!

I was in the market for some new vegetative wear that was comfy but not sloppy! I discovered True&Co bras and my husband told me my vegetative wear has improved. That is all a wife wants to hear, comfy and cute! The bra is like no other I’ve tried. I usually wear sports bras but I am always pulling at them. The Second Skin Bra didn’t move once, I never pulled at it! The name describes it perfectly.  Now that the weather is warming up I sport my Bra and skinny sweats all morning and even enjoy some family yoga in my vegging gear!

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