Traveling with Kids

Flying with children sounds overwhelming. Don’t let the fear stop you from going on holiday!! It is all about snacks, iPad, and a little bit of patience. I dread the flight as I am packing up my suitcases, but I always tell myself it will be worth it. I recently flew across the country (California to Florida) with my two children by myself. No, I am not Wonder Woman, I am the same as you! As summer approaches start thinking about going and visiting family, friends or some where new. Don’t let the strangers on a plane whom you will never see again stop you from exploring somewhere new. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it is worth it. Here are my tips for flying with children!

1) Don’t over pack on the plane. You need to be able to move around. I limit it to a single stroller, a small back pack for my son that he can carry, a cross over purse for myself and a backpack. That way my hands are free! Lots of flights are dropping the family pre boarding. When you don’t have many items you don’t have to get in early to worry about over head space. We enjoy getting on the plane near the end.

2) Do pack lots snacks and little toys! I load up at the Dollar store before hand. Window clings, crayons, coloring books, and snacks in mini bags are always a great way to divert kids attention.

3) Bring out things you may not normally allow your children. I packed suckers, gummy bears and let them have the iPad for as long as they want! It is worth purchasing a splitter and noise cancellation headphones if you will be travelling frequently.

4) Don’t drink much fluids. This is the opposite to what I normally do and I have a really hard time with this. Try going to the bathroom on a plane with two kids. It is difficult, the floors are nasty, kids think it is fun to play there and you can hardly all fit!

5) Bring spill proof beverage containers. I pack our Hydroflasks as they are the only containers we use anymore! I love to enjoy a hot beverage on flights so I bring my water spout and coffee lid!

6) Layering is key! I am always hot or cold so I always layer myself and my kids, but if you have a spill (which you will) then you can remove a layer and you are clean again!

7) I have a hard time asking for help, but on a plane sometimes you have to. Everyone has always been more than willing to help me with luggage or holding a child. Except for that one time I had two car seats, a double stroller, two kids and a massive roll bag and was trying to catch a bus. Where were all the good Samaritans that night!?

8) Forget about what other people are thinking. I try to keep my kids well behaved, and quiet but sometimes they just have to cry to fall asleep, or need to bounce a little. You aren’t ruining anyone’s flight, relax and don’t think about the flight home just yet! You can deal with that after you vacation!

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