That Time I Tried to Give Up Coffee

I never used to drink coffee…..that was until my son turned about three months old and I needed something more than just sunshine to wake me up! I gave up coffee when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Dylan. Gave birth to her and picked up my coffee habit hard. I used to have a long pour of Nespresso with half a cup of milk. I know, that’s more like milk with a splash of coffee. After Dylan I upped it to two long pours of nespresso with half a cup of coffee. Some people may not that thats much, but it got me going! The last two weeks I’ve been jittery and anxious every morning. On Tuesday I diagnosed myself as having too much caffeine and cut it out. What was I thinking, all day Tuesday I was dreaming of my milky nespresso. When I think about making myself a cup of coffee at 7 pm just because I want the taste something is wrong with me! It’s day three and all I can think about is my delicious, incredible, HOT coffee. I know, something is wrong with me. I drank herbal tea all day Tuesday, yesterday I tried more tea and lots of water. This morning while at the grocery store I remembered my natruopathic med student cousin telling me how she felt the same way when she drank coffee and she switched to matcha. I had matcha from months ago when she told me about it, and I purchased some almond coconut milk while at Sprouts.   The first time I made matcha months ago I thought it was too sweet and didn’t do much for me. This time I feel like it is something I might actually learn to love it. I found a few different recipes, but this one from Bon Apetit sounded more like my “cup of coffee”.

Let me know how you like to drink your matcha.


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