My All Time Favorite Podcasts

I’ve been a huge podcast listener since my son was born. I had no idea what that purple button was before that. My sister would always talk about the podcast she was listening to and it made me feel old! If you are new to podcasts here are my suggestions for you to start with.
Serial  – this series is addictive, if you have a long car ride ahead of you download this podcast and start listening! I’ve only listened to series one and two, but number three is on my list for my next car drive! You know it is an intense series when you miss you exit coming back from the beach.
The Model Health Show – the energy between Shawn and his co host Jade is infectious. They are always keeping me up to date with the newest research health news out there. If you are a health and fitness but you will enjoy this podcast! With over 22 million podcast downloads you need to start from the beginning with this one!
Ready Aim Empire if you are thinking of opening a studio start tuning in to Lise immediately! Although I find the introductions a little tedious and long overall I always learn something new to apply to my studio and she has suggestions I may not have thought of for years! Be prepared to have fuel added to your fire, and you will want to start running with so many new ideas!
Stuff You Should Know. I haven’t had much time to listen to this one, but it came highly recommended and I really enjoyed the first episode I listened to about the man who created PONG.
Podcasts are not only for adults. If you have little ones there are some great podcasts for them too! Check out Tumble Science and Story Pirates. These podcasts are good for the whole family. The first Tumble Science podcast we listened to was about dinosaur poo in fossils. My kids couldn’t stop talking about it for a whole week!
What are some of your favorite podcasts?
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