Taking Care of You!

The longer I live the more I realize how much damn work it takes to take care of yourself. Take a minute to mentally make a list of the minimum you need to do to care for yourself. I’m sure a few of you have shower, eat, workout, brush your teeth on that list. Let us just expand on that short list. While in the shower you wash your hair, your body, and shave some parts of your body I hope. While eating you also have to shop for the food (or grow the food if you are super earthy), prepare the food, eat the food, and clean up after eating the food. Working out can mean so many things to people, so let’s touch on the minimum, walk 20 minutes a day, to do this you need to put on socks and sneakers.  Brushing your teeth seems like the simplest one. Toothpaste goes on the toothbrush and brush away for 2 minutes. Polish those pearly white.
Above is the basic “how to care for yourself”.  Now that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about “first world problems” how to care for yourself. Think of those things you do for YOU. Every women’s list is different, the foods we think help us function better (just say no to deep friend mars bars), the fitness routines that we incorporate into our lives, and all the upkeep for beauty. Some days I am lucky if I brush my hair, other days I make an effort to get up a little bit earlier and might actually brush my teeth and my hair! Have you noticed what makes you feel better? I’m not just talking about superficially but on a mental health level. I tend to feel very guilty about spending too much time getting ready or on beauty items. I have found that if I can get showered, brush my teeth, brush my hair, wash my face and put sunscreen on and get dressed without an interruption my morning is always a little smoother. Making that extra effort to get out of bed to do that is whats hard. This week I am challenging myself to set my alarm for 550 am and to actually get out of bed. We will see how I do!
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