Must have beverages for Super Bowl

This is our 11th year hosting our Super Duper Super Bowl Party. I look forward to this party every year and I don’t watch a minute of the game or commercials! I love to socialize with friends, play some games and have a few drinks. It is Sunday Funday on steriods!  Here are the must have beverages for our party this year!

1. Spiked Selzters

No carbs, no artificial taste and no beer bloat. I will take one of each flavor please!

2. Hint Water

Last year a mother almost fainted when I didn’t have juice boxes for the kids. I don’t give my kids juice and didn’t think for a moment that I needed to supply kid beverages. This year I am more prepared, Hint water is a special treat for my kids. I hope the other kids and grow ups love it like we do!

3. Craft beer

My Hubbie has been on an IPA kick since I was pregnant the first time. I am a beer lover but IPA’s and I just can’t seem to get along.  When will this IPA trend fade?

4. Rosé

After spending five days in a southern France last summer I have been hooked. If the sun is shining it’s time for rosé. I should really give California Rosé a chance but I just love to find ones from France and dream about crossaints, pain du chocolat, and the smell of lavender.


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