Sunscreen is a Must – Best Face Sunscreen


I have a love/hate relationship with sunscreen. I put sunscreen on my face daily and have for the last eight years. I really think I have found the best face sunscreen. What caused me to be so diligent? I had my first facial and was scolding by her for not protecting my skin.  I am not the best about the rest of my body, and let me tell you and aged chest and hands gives your age away as much as your face!

My all time favorite products that help protect from the sun are listed below. If you have a favorite that I haven’t tried I love to hear new suggestions

  1. Skin Ceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50. This is amazing as it is a tinted face sunscreen. I tried to sport version and it was too greasy for me.  I started off wearing Thomas Roth mens face sunscreen but after finding the tinted one I feel like I can leave the house with sunscreen and a hint of blush and I am ready to chase after my kids all day
  2. A hat- I don’t care where I go I always have a hat with me incase I am stuck in direct sunlight for too long. They are all over my car and purse. I used to have almost 100 ball caps. Now I have weaned it down to less than 25. Goodwill lucked out with that donation!
  3. Lubriderm lotion with SPF 15– you can’t find this product at every store, when I do find it I stockpile it. Of course I use a ton more of it during the summer instead of winter, but it is so convenient to put on after I have a shower.
  4. Powdered Sunscreen. There are several brands I tried, I even made my own once out of zinc oxide powder. Everyone I tell about this has no idea what it is, and says it sounds strange. If it is all you use you have to reapply often, but I love to put it on top of make up or sunscreen if I don’t want to get all greasy and will only be out in the sun for 30 minus. I just purchased on from Supergoop and can’t wait to see what I think of it.
  5. Spray sunscreens. As terrible as these are for the environment/and me sometimes it is about convince. I love the Alba Botanica sunscreen that Costco sells in a bulk pack. It is great for when we need a quick reapply. I try to only use it in emergencies! I have tried a ton of organic spray sunscreen and they never work as well as I hope. The best one so far is Babyganics.

Do you think sunscreen is important or do you still bake in the sun without any protection?

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