Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday 

Sunday’s used to be the day I would lay in bed most of the day nursing my hangover. I might get a little laundry done but it was a very unproductive day and I was always frustrated that I didn’t even get to relax or have any fun as I was so worn out from the weeks activities or Saturday night festivities.  Nowadays I don’t have tome for a hangover but I don’t always feel like I’ve accomplished anything on Sunday’s. Previously  Sunday’s were the day I just wanted to pick up. Over the last few weeks I’ve realized if I can do a little more on Sunday the rest of my week is extremely smooth. My Sunday list for a productive week is as follows: 



Forget putting it away, I just want to get it all washed so my husband has some underwear and my son doesn’t have to wear pants that are way too small for him. My daughter and I could last six months without doing laundry. Thank you for being okay for going commando like you mother! 



Sunday mornings like to enjoy a cup of  HOT coffee SITTING (usually I drink it cold while driving the kids to preschool). I love to work on adding the weeks activities to my written calendar. This visual of what is going on allows me to plan for dinner for the whole week. The Happy Planner is my all time favorite planner 


Grocery shopping 

As much as I dislike grocery shopping with my kids Sunday morning is the easiest day to do it. I don’t run around to multiple stores. I make a list if ingredients for the dinners I have planned and the mist buys such as eggs and milk. Those specialty trips are saved for the week while the kids are at preschool 


Fitness Pal Input 

Now that I’m back to trying to ensure I’m eating enough so I’m not exhausted and angry 24/7 I am back to putting my food in fitness pal. This is easy once I’ve planned dinners and know my fridge is full of food I can meet my macro goal everyday for the week.  


Do I miss the old days of laying in bed all day but I do not miss the days of spending all day in bed with a hangover  

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