Snacks Make Life Easier

As a woman on the go I’m always looking for easy healthy snacks for myself, husband and kids. I typically make my own snack bags but love to have snack boxes delivered for special treats!

Snack Boxes:

  • is THE BEST snack box out there! I have mine delivered every three months so it is a SPECIAL treat. If you don’t like a snack let them know and they will replace it in your next box! Try the dark cocoa nom noms if you need a chocolate fix! They always have promotions going on and it is worth trying them if you haven’t.
  • Graze isn’t worth the price or the snacks. I ended up trying it three times and all the snacks were not worth feeding to my dog.

My go to snacks are:

  • Nuts: stick to 4 oz or less a day. Blake and Dylan love walnuts and peanuts. I keep a can of unsalted peanuts in my car for moments when they are “starving!”
  • Hard Boiled Eggs: I try to buy from my local farmer or pasture raised if I head to the store. I just found the best way to make the easiest boiled eggs ever! The cooked the yolks perfectly and the shell peeled away without a fight!
  • Fruit/Veggies: Fresh fruit and vegetables are always a must snack on. I love the pre cut celery from Costco with some hummus
  • Peanut butter: I used to be a Skippy fan, but the last few years I have converted to all natural. I prefer as I like to reuse the glass jars! MOM TRICK: Store it upside down before you open it and all the oil goes to the bottom.
  • Greek yogurt with a bit of honey or my favorite jelly (Don’t over do it!)
  • Beef Jerky is delicious and I’ve got to try to make my own!
    1. Yes! I love Nature Box Snacks. I just got my box which I have consumed. I am always looking for new snack ideas!

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