Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

I never used to understand when people said they had problems sleeping. I could lie down and fall asleep within the first minute of my head hitting the pillow. I then had children and my “mother” radar was at full force. My babies never stayed in my room for more then a few days before moving to their rooms. I could hear them fuss from across the house when I was sound asleep. My husband wouldn’t even know I woke up and nursed them. I always assumed the ease to which I could fall asleep would return once my children started sleeping thru the night. I was very wrong. I can lay with my head on the pillow for 15 minutes some nights (not long for an insomniac, but for me it seems like all night long).

For Christmas my sister gave me the BEST GIFT EVER! When I opened it, I thought “really?” but after the first night I WAS HOOKED!!  If you haven’t figured out what this incredible gift was that I loved after the first night you must never get online. I received a 20 pound twin weighted blanket. Prior to this my only experience with weighted blankets were from my days working with special education children. Why I never sat with one on me and came up with selling them to the masses boggles my mind every night.
I was lucky enough to keep this amazing blanket away from my husband for the first few nights, then he wanted to try it out. We now own two twin weighted blankets! Anyone out there have a king weighted blanket? I can barely make my bed in the morning with a twin. I cannot imagine having a king size one.
If you have been thinking about trying out a weighted blanket, stop reading this silly blog and get yourself over to amazon to purchase one now!! They are incredible!
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