Shades for Days

After having kids I realized I CANNOT have anything nice. Anyone that doesn’t have kids won’t understand this statement. For those of you who have kids I know you completely understand. Kids destroy everything, and it’s not on purpose. They are discovering the world and don’t care when they step on or pull apart.


When I first started working I splurged on a Dolce and Gabba pair of sunglasses. I LOVED these glasses. Looking back they were hideous, zebra print on the side and extremely large. I thought I was so cool! Each year I would purchase a new set of designer frames. These designer frames were trashed once I had kids. I realized my designer sunglasses would have to be put on hold for a few years.

I started with wearing the Budweiser glasses I got free at beerfests. Then I realized I am no longer 20 years old and probably should step up my shades game. I would order them from AliExpress but the quality was so inconsistent. Not to mention how long it took for me to receive them.  Recently Target had been my go to, but they are always so picked  over. I can rarely find anything I LOVE.

I am here to admit Instagram marketing got me again, I continued to see ads for Shady Rays and they had a  special for Memorial Day so I hit purchase. What I really thought was a great marketing tool was they will send you up to two pairs if they are damaged or if I LOOSE THEM! I’ll update you what the process is like. It won’t take me long before I loose them or a child crushes them. Their options are endless and I love how most of them are unisexual.  I bought the two pairs for my husband for Father’s Day but I couldn’t wait to give them to him because I wanted to try them on. I am obsessed with the aviators and will probably try to keep them away from my handsome husband for as long as I can!


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