How Quickly I forget about H20

Last year around this time my daughter was a little over 2 and I was skinny and wasn’t looking great. I lost my appetite for food (before this I lived to eat, not ate to live). I decided around March 2018 I was going to get healthier and I found an online bikini body coach. I never wanted to compete, I just wanted to gain some muscle and get stronger! I found William Grazione at who owns Metabolic Evolution. I discovered William by chance. I followed a lot of women on Instagram and started researching how they learned about weight lifting and consuming enough to build muscle. A few of them trained online with William. After emailing him I knew I wanted to work with him. I committed to one month with Metabolic Evolution and couldn’t afford it after that. William was exactly what I needed to snap out of my food funk! I started counting macros and lifting heavier. I only gained a few pounds but the change in my body was just what I was looking for. I became stronger. Nursing sucks a woman’s body down to nothing, and with two young children and being the type of person who doesn’t like to sit still, or let my children watch TV I was NOT eating enough. Below are my before and after pictures.

It took my body two months to build a little bit of muscle and I kept up the routine and nutrition plan until I hurt my shoulder. My shoulder has been injured on and off for at least 8 months. I would rest for a week and then go and do something crazy like a handstand and jack it up even worse!

Since August I’ve been working on my studio and haven’t been at the gym much at all. It has worked out in my favor as I finally think my shoulder is healed. I am ready to get back into training hard and eating harder. Where do I start? December is a terrible month to try to eat lots of the RIGHT foods. This month I am going to work on my water consumption. 80 oz of water a day for the Month of December, if I can manage that then January I will be with all the other crazy workout people and hitting the Lagree Studio hard and the kitchen harder!

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