Partner Workouts

January is always the month of making resolutions and trying to stick to them. February is the month of trying to keep them going. Did you know 37% of people surveyed in 2018 wanted to exercise more, 37% wanted to eat better and 24% wanted to sleep better. That’s 61% who want to improve their health and wellness. Are you still working towards that goal?

Most people make it to the end of January and their commitment to themselves and their health start to slow down. How can you stay motivated about your health for more than a few weeks? Recruit a friend and make the commitment to each other.

My dear friend Jessica and I began friends because we started working out together. Our relationship was a one of acquaintance. We had mutual friends, had been to several dinners together, and were actually apart of the same sorority (with few years separating us). Jessica called me early one morning and asked if I had a membership at a local gym and if I wanted to start meeting her after work. I am always up for a good workout and said yes immediately! I don’t remember our first workout sessions together, what I do remember is we were both dedicated to becoming stronger, faster, and fitter. We both are very determined, and committed. We rarely bailed on each other and were always responsible in coming up with new routines (thank you BodyRock!) I would not call Jessica one of my closest friends, although she is currently living in Indonesia. We will motivate each other with apple watch workouts, and whatsapp text messages. We are not in as good of shape as when we worked out together but we still push each other to meet our goals.

Try thinking of someone who might have better working out habits that you and text them now. If you can’t think of that perfect person start taking classes and meet some new friends. Bakersfield has so many choices for fitness. The group fitness industry is an amazing place to keep you accountable. Show up the the same class every week for 4 weeks and introduce yourself to those around you. These gym friend will motivate you to show up when you’re not feeling like going, ask if you’ve been meeting your water goals and sweat along side you.

 Fitness and wellness isn’t just about becoming a better you it’s about being apart of a community.
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