Packing for NYE

My husband and I have spent every year at the beach since before we were married. We’ve spent the time just the two of us enjoying dinners out and cocktails. We’ve invited large groups of friends and enjoyed bike rides and game nights. We have continued the tradition since having kids, but the journey to get to the beach has been an exhausting trip. Packing up the car with a baby and two dogs was a car full. Then Dylan came along and we had two dogs, two babies and a LOT of beer! That’s when we upgraded to an Yokun XL. I would pack everything a baby could possible need, and everything out of my fridge so I wouldn’t have to venture to the store. We would arrive after a few hours in the car and have to baby proof the house, unload everything and were pretty exhausted. Our trips were still fun, but it wasn’t the same as BK (before kids).

My kids are now 5 and 3 and we just arrived at the beach. I am amazed at how easy this trip was. For any mothers out here with kids under 3 hold on! Trips will get easier, I promise. My kids packed their own toys, who knows what they brought, but who cares! I didn’t pack anything from the fridge minus some antibiotics for my son and left over tamales. I tried Amazon Now for the first time, and what a game changer! Instead of unloading the car and heading right to the store, or spending time unloading coolers full of groceries I sat back and enjoyed the view of the ocean!

This trip we plan on spending time playing on the beach, enjoying a fire at night, and bike rides during the day. I hope to beat my cold quickly, and enjoy lots of time with my little family! I think we will be making trips to the beach more frequently as this journey was a breeze!!


Happy New Year to All!

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