Naming Your Home

If you have ever visited England you know that many of the homes in the country have names. Since going to England a few years ago I have wanted to name our house. Casa de Leoz is what I always seem to return to but I don’t LOVE IT. Now that moving day is quickly approaching I have decided I need to name our new home so we can pop some bottles and make it official from day one.

According to my research on the world wide web I need to decide what type of dwelling I live in. It’s a house, that is why I want to name it something! I love to learn about the meaning of different dwellings. Regency, arms, hideaway, and retreat are my top choices. Now it’s time to hit the dictionary to decide what truly fits our home. I will paraphrase the meanings.

Regency– the office of a regent (have you met my husband!! )

Arms– associated with guns, or an inlet of water from the sea

Hideaway– somewhere you hide. A synonym is a Lair…Lazz’s Lair- that sounds creepy.

Retreat – to move away

Next I need to come up with something unique to pair it with. A location, (club, alley) something significant about the house (long driveway, Nemetz Crib), things nearby (old Mexicali west, club, alley), maybe a favorite bird or flower. Maybe a beer that isn’t around anymore, (Olympia, Elephant)

Now I don’t plan on getting too crazy with the name, a large gold plaque should do. My house doesn’t require a hashtag or a location added on google maps as I don’t want people to know how to find it.

Here are the choices I will leave for my husband to decide when he finally reads this blog entry

The West Retreat

The Hideaway

Arms drive

Regency Ale

Club and Arms


I wanted a longer list to pull from so   I continued to google search and found a fun site that will do it for you. It’s amazing what the internet can do!


The Ole Nemz

Now it’s just time to make my decision 🙂

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