Missing in Action

For those of you who noticed I haven’t posted in a while a lot has been going on here. Motherhood is no joke! The video above always makes me laugh about staying at home with kids.


Here is a quick summary of what has been going on in my life! I can’t even remember back to Summer so we will start in August when both my kids started going to Preschool 3 full days! I was counting down the days to freedom, endless hours at the gym, organizing my house and lunch dates with girlfriends. I am sad to report I haven’t been to the gym consistently in at least 6 months, I have only organized one closet in my house (by the way its all ready a mess and full of unwrapped Christmas presents) and I’ve bailed on lunch plans with friends numerous times. Why? I’m opening a Lagree Studio with a friend (it should be open in the next month!!) I am hoping to come back in full strength to my BLOG and really work on giving you fitness tips a few times a week.  Keep your email boxes peeled for my next post about what The Lagree Method is all about!

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