Jumper cables are a girls best friend

Your car battery never dies at a good time. I head to the pediatricians office with Dylan as she seems to have a vaginal rash AGAIN! She just can’t get a break, but that is just part of being a woman and being on antibiotics I guess. I walk out of the office and reach for my handy dandy autostart button that is so needed on a cold California Day (believe it not I am Canadian and can not tolerate any level of cold). CLICK! Yes, that noise came from my beautiful Moby. The car won’t flip over, and I now have an upset 16 month old who just wants to get home to cuddle with me in front of the fire. My husband is participating in his annual work gift exchange and I know he will be absorbed in stealing gifts and causing Christmas ruckus. Who does a girl call after her husband, why her Dad of course. Thankful my parents had just driven in from Denver, CO. Dad to the rescue before we freeze in the frigid temperatures. As he arrives I realize I don’t even have jumper cables in my car. Well shit, my Dad is the Macgyver of Dads and will connect to a paper clip to a street light to create electricity! Or something like that. Low and behold he didn’t have any paper clips, or old school jumper cables but he did have an amazing little box every person should be gifted! What I absolutely loved was I didn’t have to have another car to jump me. The cables are attached to a battery pack that fold nicely into a bag. Go out and purchase yourself one, and your BFF. Just remember to charge it every few months. I added it to my every other month reminders in my calendar (change toothbrush head, change clarisonic head, laser my armpits and charge my BAD ASS jumper cables!!) Go get yourself a set, and one for your BFF too. A girl should never have to ask another man for a jump!


Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-10 Multi-Function Power Supply and Jump Starter 

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