Green Hair, I care!

Over the last few months I have noticed my daughters beautiful blond locks turning a shade of green. At first I ignored it. It was winter and I knew we hadn’t been in the pool or spa very much. I honestly thought I was seeing things. Just after St. Patrick’s day another mom mentioned how sweet it was that I colored Dylan’s hair green and I thought, “Woah, it is green, now WTF do I do!?”  I had been using a shampoo recommended by my hairstylist but it obviously was not helping. I did what every mother does when faced with a dilemma, I googled that shit. I am always cautious with my google research as I know how many crazy women have blogs and preach things that don’t work. I came across a blog that had some great before and after pictures. Her hair went from green and dull to golden and shiny. What did she use? KETCHUP! I thought this can’t hurt so I busted out the ketchup and plastic wrap and went for it.

I wouldn’t say it was a 100% fix but the green is less obvious and her hair is a little shinier. I plan on doing it a few more times and hope it improves even more.

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