Dress for you Husband…I BEG YOU!

I was at a cute Mother’s Day and Mimosa shopping day at a local boutique when I overheard some women talking about their husbands always asking them to wear different clothes. Mike and I have this conversation frequently and I am 80% on his side. Should women dress for the trends or for their husbands? When women dress for the trends they aren’t always wearing the most flattering clothing for their bodies. You know what I am talking about bell bottoms that make you look short and stumpy or high waisted pants that give you major camel toe (some men might like that 😂). I love to hear my husband tell me I look sexy or cute in an outfit. Hearing him say that is way better than a woman telling my they like my outfit.

Who do you dress for? If you say yourself I call BULL unless you wear sweats and a shirt everyday. Women always say they want to be in sweats but do you ever see a women out to dinner with their friends or husband wearing sweatpants. So I say, ladies if your man wants you to wear a mid driff shirt, rock it. If he wants you in a skin tight dress put it on and watch his eyes light up!!

I will follow up with some of my husbands favorite outfits. Stay tuned…

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