Dream Big!

Now that I am opening a business, I always have other moms ask me what they should do to start their “dream” business. I’ve broken down a few things you can start with when you are deciding if you really want to invest money and time into it.

Decide On A Name

This sounds easy, but it is harder than you think. I recommend starting a running list of names you like, keep adding, removing and playing with that list. When you decide DO NOT delete this list. 1) It’s fun to look back on names you might have chosen 2) You want to make sure another business doesn’t already have this name, if they do you are head back to this list. MAKE SURE YOU check with your state to see if your business name is available. Also if you plan on selling goods make sure the name isn’t trademarked!

Design a Logo

I did this myself at first, using a simple app like Canva it is an easy place to start. You will quickly get discouraged by this as it just doesn’t look professional. Head over to 99design and start a competition for your logo. This is a great way for you to really figure out what you are about. I knew we wanted to have a logo for a boutique fitness studio, but after working with 99 designs we made design decisions for what the space would look like also. We wanted a modern design, with black, white and a pop of teal. It was in an industrial space so it couldn’t be too modern. Write all these thoughts down so when you work on your mission you can keep these key words to help you create a vision that works from your logo, your product and space.


A website can be an expensive task, if you have any computer sense at all I say DO IT YOURSELF! I learned 90% of how to design a website from Youtube, and friends. What you can’t figure out you can always find someone who knows more than you to help. Fiverr is a great tool to find someone for small tasks also.

Start Your Social Media Accounts

Now that you have a logo you can design your social media accounts from that. I love Canva and it is worth the expense to pay for the subscription. This is the app I use the MOST!!! Social media is a whole different post and I am a novice when it comes to this. I suggest listening to Hilary Rushfords free class. This is where I learned the basics, and its taken me very far. If you know how to work youtube, and have some time to play with it I would not pay for any social media services until you are earning some money. Earning a followers takes a lot of work. Commit some time a day to comment, follow and like similar businesses or future potential clients. A great group of individuals to follow are those who are selling goods from MLM groups as they are always looking to gain followers and follow back.

Develop A Business Plan

If you are serious about taking this dream further you need to invest some serious time into a business plan. This was a great starting point for us to figure out what our basic expenses would be, how much we needed to sell to cover those expenses and how long we could survive without “making any money”. Expenses such as electricity, rent, etc are easy enough to figure out. Think outside the box when you are thinking of expenses, and I would inflate it as other expenses always seem to arise once you commit to make your dreams come a reality.

Who Do You Know?

Pick the brains of anyone you can about what they do. I have found great support in friends of friends. I learned about building a website, google adwords, facebook ads, branding apparel, and so much more from people in my life. If you don’t have those pople youtube and podcasts are an incredible tool also.

Believe In Yourself

This process can be as fast or slow as you want. Each step will take you closer to opening whatever your dream business maybe. I am a firm believer of “If you want something you can do it.”

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