Cough, Cough, Sneeze….I hate being sick!

It is only a matter of time when you have little ones until sickness strikes your house. With a five and a two year old it usually happens more than once. Keeping my kids hands off of each other, out of their mouths and nose is always a challenge. Keeping myself healthy is the biggest challenge of all. I have a tried and true method I stick to as soon as a member of the family gets sick.

  1. Wash my hands as much as I possibly can. This usually causes my hands to become so dry that they crack and bleed but at least I’m not spreading germs. I turn to O’Keeffes.
  2. Change the sheets frequently. Usually, I am lucky if I wash my kids sheets every two weeks. When they are sick I try to do it every day, if not every other day. Kids love ot play in their bed, siblings love to join them. I don’t want those germs spreading!!
  3. I swear by a local juicery that has an amazing fresh juice high in Vitaman C. They call it the “Killer C”. I buy two of them, drink one the first day and save the second for the next day. They have a kick but they seem to kick any cold symptoms I may be feeling.
  4. Zinc Lozenges are my friend, anyone complains of a sore throat and I can pull a zinc lozenge out of my purse, travel bag, car. Just call my Mary Poppins as I carry everything with me!
  5. I try to get extra sleep at night, and lay off the booze. Both of these have been hard for me lately but getting sick will slow me down more than getting an extra hour of sleep at night.
  6. Essential oils all day everyday. I love immunity, and lavender. My sister usually makes me up a great mixture that my kids and I roll on our feet nightly when we aren’t feeling well.
  7. Elderberry syrup for the little ones. If you haven’t tried it yet where have you been living? My kids like the taste of it and helps improve immunity!

What do you swear by to help you beat cold and flu season?



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