I recently stumbled across the benefits of collagen and couldn’t wait to try a few different options. After reading, listening to a few of my favorite podcasts and doing some research I were ready to try it out collagen powder vs bone broth.

Overall bone broth is the best choice for your body. Not only does bone broth have the collagen benefits it also helps improve your gut health. Studies are connecting gut health to anxiety, depression, type to diabetes and so much more. I tried to consumer 1/2 cup of bone broth for two weeks. It was difficult for us to find a good bone broth with the gelatinous material. We were also out of town for half of the time and it wasn’t convinent. The taste overall wasn’t unpleasant, adding cilantro and some paprika helped give it some flavor.

Collagen Powder is easier for anyone on the go! I recently purchased Collagen Powder from amazon. There is no taste when adding it to my smoothie and is overall easier to store, prepare and find! I consume yogurt, kamboocha, sauerkraut or probiotics on a daily basis for gut health. This is my favourite brand:


I know many people who make their own bone broth but at this time in my life it’s just isn’t an option (I’m prioritizing sleep and my new business above bone broth!). Let me know if you are enjoying the benefits of collagen and if you use bone broth collagen or any other form!



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