Candy, Candy, Candy

I don’t know how many times a day I have to say “No, thank you” when my children are offered candy. At the grocery store, car wash, after gymnastics, and at the doctors office. I grew up where candy was a treat. We might get one candy at our grandmothers house while visiting, or on Halloween and Easter. My husband and I work hard on teaching our children the importance of good nutrition and how what we eat affects our minds and bodies. I appreciate the people who will ask me quietly first if my children may have a sucker. For those of you out there who ask the child if they want candy, what kid ever tells you no? I wish places like this would hand out apples, carrots or bananas.  I love the idea of candy for special occasions or as a reward for something, but I can’t get thru a day of errands without giving my children a reward at every stop. What is that teaching them about life? This reminds me of something I read while pregnant with Blake. In “Bringing up Bebe” the author talks about her experience raising children in France. In France, children will be asked to picked out a treat from the bakery, but will then have to wait to take it home when it is snack time. I love this idea, and try to do this for myself and my children. Self control and patience are two characteristics I hope my children have as they get older.

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