Calendar Girl

I love the digital age we live in, but there are some thingsI can’t give up. A physical calendar is at the top of that list. I put all the dates into my iphone and have tried several weeks at a time not to transfer them over to a physical calendar. Every time, I miserably fail at life. I don’t cook at home, I don’t make any to do lists and usually forget a few important things like birthdays or events at school!

I usually purchase a  “Happy Planner” but this year I couldn’t decide on which one I wanted and was OVERWHELMED by the choices. I haven’t had my physical calendar for almost 7 months now
I finally stopped at Barnes & Noble to check out their calendars. I lucked out as their calendars were 50% off. I picked up this beauty below. I love it as it as room for my “To Do List” for the week as well as spots for daily activities and at the bottom I can meal plan!! Not to mention it comes with tear out to do lists in the back, cute stickers, a “Bucket List”, a chart to rate every day of the year, Goals, and month by month view. I hit the jackpot with this beauty and it was only $8. Now it is finding the time to add all my dates into it. I think it will have to wait until the move. I have a giant built in wall calendar at the new house so I am hoping if I get my physical calendar, digital calendar and giant calendar synched I will be ready for the school year to start!
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