3 Big Wins

With the month of August almost here and the end of summer quickly approaching now is the time I like to focus on Big Wins before the end of the year. What are Big Wins you ask? Think about whether the things you are spending your time on now make you feel like you won big in life. If your answer is NO, here are 3 of my Big Wins that maybe can be your wins in 2020 too!
1Health– no more excuses, focus on your health and wellness with a few easy steps.  Committing to health means 3 things to me… NEAT, food, and strength training. 
– My dear friend Jennifer Woodward from Jennifer Woodward Nutrition is always talking about NEAT. NEAT stands for non energy activity thermogenesis. To break it down simply make a list of times during the day you are sitting and find a creative way to complete those tasks standing or walking.
– Nutrition can be broken down very easily. Each meal should have a small portion of protein and a large portion of greens. Look at how frequently you are eating out and try to reduce that by 20%. Eating out calories add up quickly.
– Strength training is the most important thing you can do in my opinion. Join a virtual fitness class if you are new to working out. Virtual fitness classes let you work up strength, stamina, and a repertoire of exercises without having to leave your house. Currently working out but not seeing the results you want? Maybe you are just going through the action and not focusing on your form. A few personal training sessions could fix that quickly. I am also a firm believer in giving your body true rest days so you can give 100% on your strength training days. Don’t over exhaust your body!
2. Relationships – continue to spend time with those who make you happy.  For my family that is people who enjoy the outdoors, our kids get along, and they can handle my mischievous puppy. Throw in a few drinks and some cards and you’ll be our besties.
3. Intention – This month chose one word to focus on for the month. Find of a word that keeps coming to mind when you ask yourself what you might need in the month ahead. For me this month the word is CALM. I want to enjoy the last few weeks of summer, and be calm for my children for the beginning of the school year.
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